Best Sunglass Lens Color for Fishing

Learn how choosing the right lens color can help you catch more fish.

Best Sunglass Lens Color for FishingCosta

Polarized sunglasses are indispensable for anglers, providing UVA/UVB protection and the glare-cutting ability to “read” the water and spot fish. But which lens color is best for fishermen? The answer depends largely on how, where and when you fish.

Gray and green tints are favored for offshore fishing, where you spend long hours peering at deep-blue waters to spot weed lines, telltale flashes of baitfish scales, or the nervous water created by breezing game fish. Mirrored lens surfaces further reduce glare and eyestrain during long sunny days.

Ambers, coppers and browns provide fishermen with strong definition and the ability to see bottom relief when fishing in shallow waters. These make a good choice for all-around fishing use.

Low Light
Yellow, rose or vermillion may best serve anglers fishing in low light. These lenses allow the highest amount of light to reach the eyes, giving anglers the ability to pick up more detail in cloudy, diffused light or the hours around dusk and dawn — times when fish often feed most aggressively.