2022 Ingenity 23E

Luxurious design complemented by a quiet and clean ride.

With the space of a pontoon and offering fiberglass construction from the deck up, the Ingenity 23E is an electric-powered luxury dayboat that provides another alternative for boat buyers seeking a high-end vessel.

Ingenity 23E cruising
The 23E can deliver its 20 mph cruising speed for a number of hours. Courtesy Ingenity Electric

The Ingenity 23 Electric is offered by the company that won Boating’s prestigious Boat of the Year award for its all-electric 2021 Ingenity Nautique GS22E. Step aboard the new 23E to experience a different iteration of that boat’s award-winning innovation. (The boat, in fact, won an Innovation Award at the 2022 Miami International Boat Show.) Whether it’s the protective and racy split windshield, the luxurious upholstery, or the ergonomics at the helm-station command center, it’s obvious that this boat has been designed with care and built with precision.

Ingenity 23E helm
The helm-station command center is packed with the latest tech. Courtesy Ingenity Electric

Featuring battery capacity up to 165 kWh, the 23E tops out at 30 mph and can deliver its 20 mph cruising speed for a number of hours, adding up to a day’s outing on the water. Boaters can enjoy up to 14 hours of use per charge. Recharging time can be as quick as one and a half hours using an 80 kW supercharger or four hours at 25 kW DC, and it takes 10 hours using 240V/50A current.


Ingenity owners need not worry about fuel quality, ethanol-blended fuels and any associated maintenance, nor about fuel availability. App-based maintenance scheduling relieves the owner to more fully enjoy using boat rather than worrying about tending to its care.

Three seating areas on the Ingenity 23E create the ideal environment for everyone aboard. The bow has an optimal round-robin arrangement. The wind gate can be opened for a clear passage from bow to stern. The midship area hosts shaded relaxation, while the stern cascades down in a natural invitation to the water. Our preliminary walk-through during a recent boat show left us with an impression of high style and high quality, and an eagerness to test this boat out on the water. 

Ingenity 23E cockpit seating
Three seating areas on the Ingenity 23E create the ideal environment for everyone aboard. Courtesy Ingenity Electric

Quiet and clean, brimming with bleeding-edge tech, and sure to wow owners and guests alike, the Ingenity 23E warrants the attention of luxury boat buyers.


High Points

  • Quiet, clean electric propulsion system delivers all-day performance on the water.
  • Unrivaled deck space for a fiberglass boat.
  • Fiberglass deck and topside structure look great and ensure long-term durability. 
  • Integrated design with app-based monitoring and control delivers the ownership experience consumers expect.

Pricing and Specs

Price:$234,999 (pre-order base price)
Draft (max):3’3″
Dry Weight:6,000 lb. (single battery); 7,000 lb. (dual battery)
Seat/Weight Capacity:11/2,035 lb.
Battery Capacity:63 or 126 kWh
Available Power:Single 220 kW peak e-motor and sterndrive

Ingenity Electric – Orlando, Florida;