Boat Test: 2023 Godfrey XP 2700 W Twin

Twin outboards power this pretty and sleek pontoon.
Godfrey XP 2700 W Twin cruising on a lake
Like all Godfrey pontoons, the XP 2700 W Twin’s rails are fully galvanized, eliminating streaks from unprotected welds. Courtesy Godfrey Pontoon Boats


It’s hard to turn heads in the go-fast ground zero of the West called Lake Havasu City, Arizona. But driving a neon Verde Lime green-and-black pontoon powered by twin Mercury V-10 Verado 400 outboards draws a lot of attention. The XP also features fiberglass pods and smooth vinyl side panels.

Godfrey XP 2700 W Twin running all out
The XP 2700 W Twin is capable of speeds in excess of 60 mph. Courtesy Godfrey Pontoon Boats

XP is the latest line of pontoons from Godfrey Marine, and subtle they are not. Our test XP 2700 W Twin radiated coolness, though the choice of onyx black upholstery might be considered madness by some. My first tactile foray used the same method as testing a hot iron—a quick touch with an index finger to limit the damage, though I did not lick it first. Its surface was tepid and about the same temperature as the pearl white upholstery on the boat next to it. Credit Cool Touch vinyl for living up to its name by using a textured surface to scatter the sun’s rays rather than absorb them.

Everything on the XP 2700 W Twin is pushed to the extreme. We fired up the standard RGB LED lighting, which added a festive glow as it morphed through the colors of the rainbow, synchronized to the beat of the JL Audio stereo, which has two 12-inch subwoofers and eight more speakers, not including the optional tower speakers. Some stereos need to play at the Spinal Tap “level 11” to sound full. While this system’s 2,600-watt amplifiers can match decibels with anything out there, it was the evenness of sound and sonic depth that proved its most impressive traits.

Godfrey XP 2700 W Twin running from overhead
There’s plenty of luxurious space found on the XP 2700 W Twin. Courtesy Godfrey Pontoon Boats


Firing up the twin V-10 Verado 400 hp outboards did nothing to dampen our enthusiasm. Using the standard Joystick Piloting for Outboards to back out of the slip, we headed under London Bridge toward Lake Havasu. Hammering the throttles spurred the XP to leap onto plane in 2.5 seconds and rocket to 30 mph in 5.7 seconds. During high-speed runs, the rpm failed to crack 6,000, which means it was probably a little overpropped. The V-10 Verado should peak out at 6,400 rpm. Although the XP 2700 W Twin reached 63.5 mph with four people on board, it’s likely that with the right props and lighter load, it should attain a top speed in the upper 60s. The near-26-foot-long XP 2500 models are single-engine-only (up to 450 hp), while the XP 2700 can be equipped with twins with up to 800 hp total. Twin ­Yamaha F300 outboards also are available.

Although conditions on test day were as calm as Walden Pond, the XP 2700 W Twin is designed to handle choppy conditions with its iMPACT+ Triple Tube package, which includes 27-inch outer tubes, with a 29-inch center tube that helps create a pivot point to make extreme turns a reality. The massive base also includes lifting strakes to help it get out of the hole quickly and ride high in the water. We engaged the standard Mercury ­Active Trim, a speed-based automatic engine-­trim system with integrated GPS. This kept the boat riding level at all speeds.

Godfrey XP 2700 W Twin helm
The helm features a standard 12-inch Simrad NSX touchscreen display. Courtesy Godfrey Pontoon Boats

Interior and Accessories

The driving position is fabulous, with a raised helm station and co-pilot seat that kept the line of sight clear, even when people were seated forward. The low-profile windshield (the “W” in the boat’s name) was low enough not to be a hindrance to vision, but it didn’t provide a lot of protection either. The futuristic helm included a standard 12-inch Simrad NSX touchscreen display set to the right of the leather-wrapped, hand-stitched wheel, along with a secondary 7-inch Enovation display set to the left of the wheel. Above the wheel is a digital tach and speedometer display that also shows fuel state and battery charge, and has a digital compass. Even the portside helm station gets an Enovation display, so the crew can battle to choose the next song on the playlist. Pontoon owners will appreciate little touches like the cooled cup holders.

For seating, all XP models feature the split-bench floor plan with four chaise-style lounges in all quadrants and a pair of jump seats at the stern for use when the boat is at rest. Curiously, the XP 2700 W Twin has a capacity of 12 people, while the shorter 2500 models have a capacity of 13. Most boats of this size, such as the Godfrey Sanpan 2700, have a rating of 15 to 17 people or are Yacht Certified, which means the number of ­people on board is left to the captain’s discretion. But then again, first class on an airplane doesn’t hold as many as coach either.

Godfrey XP 2700 W Twin bow seating
The bow has a pair of chaise-style lounges. Courtesy Godfrey Pontoon Boats

Finding a comparable pontoon is difficult, but Bennington’s 27 QSBAX2 9 ($317,000 when similarly equipped) comes close in matching the Godfrey’s level of sportiness, performance and luxury. The Bennington does sport a wider 10-foot beam compared to the XP’s 8-foot-6-inch width, but it is rated for 600 hp versus the Godfrey’s maximum 800 hp rating. 

Looking for some attention? Well, you need not look any further than the XP 2700 W Twin. Bask in the limelight.

Godfrey XP 2700 W Twin aft platform
The large aft platform is a great place for families and friends to hang out. Courtesy Godfrey Pontoon Boats

How We Tested

  • Engines: Twin Mercury V-10 Verado 400 outboards
  • Drive/Prop: Outboard/14.6″ x 23″ Mercury Revolution XP4 4-blade
  • Fuel Load: 60 gal. Crew Weight: 820 lb.
Godfrey XP 2700 W Twin twin outboards
Twin Verado 400 outboards provide a lot of performance. Courtesy Godfrey Pontoon Boats

High Points

  • JL Audio sound system is first-rate and interfaces with the digitally addressable RGB LED lighting system.
  • Chaise-style lounges in all quadrants have the perfect amount of recline and support for comfort.
  • Standard Powered Action Tower makes it watersports-ready and provides 11 linear feet of shade coverage.

Low Points

  • Tall swim ladder at the center of the swim platform interrupts the XP’s sleek silhouette when in the up position.
  • Only one floor plan limits owner choices of seating configurations.
  • Surprisingly, the in-floor storage compartment isn’t a standard feature.

Pricing and Specs

Price:$338,438 (base with test power)
Draft (max):3’2″ (engine down)
Displacement:5,542 lb.
Tube Diameter:27″ (outer); 29″ (center)
Bridge Clearance:9’9″
Fuel Capacity:121 gal.
Max Horsepower:800
Available Power:Twin Mercs to 800 hp total; twin Yamahas to 600 hp total

Speed, Efficiency, Operation

Godfrey XP 2700 W Twin performance data
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