Bennington Pontoon Boats

By Rick Shackleton | June 2023

Bennington Pontoon Boats is an acknowledged top-of-the-line builder of pontoon boats (though the company does offer lower-priced models, too.) Here, you’ll find out what makes Bennington special, its range of models and the features that can be expected to be found aboard its pontoon boats.

Bennington 25 QFBA cruising

Bennington Pontoon Boats, founded in 1997 by a group of industry veterans, strives to build the best pontoon boats possible with the features most desired by boat-buying consumers. Innovations spawned by Bennington include the first recessed bowrider model pontoons, the high-performance Elliptical Sport Package (ESP), and the radiused bow of its Q Line ‘toons, which makes those boats identifiable even from a great distance.

Known for expensive, top-of-the-line boats, Bennington also offers many mid-priced models. There are many layouts available for Bennington Pontoons, as well as additional features that we will describe for you on this page.

Quick Overview

Bennington Pontoon Boats are regarded as some of the best-built and highest-priced pontoons and tri-toons one can buy. However, Bennington also builds quite a number of nicely equipped mid-priced pontoons and tritoons, as well. This hub is where you can find out about all the types of boats Bennington offers.

Boat Types Pontoon Boats
Hull Types Pontoon and triple toon pontoon boats
Average Length/Size Boats range from 16-30-feet long and may be either 8’6” or 10’0” wide depending upon model
Fuel Types Gasoline; electric available
Cost of New Boats Bennington Pontoon Boats occupy the highest quality range of pontoon boats and so size for size, its prices tend to be higher. In 2023, prices range from about $23,00 for a 16-footer with a 25-hp gas outboard, to $245,00, or more, for a 30-foot twin 600-hp engine model.
Cost of Used Boats A used Bennington Pontoon will approximately sell for 25-percent less than its selling price after three years.
Activity/Usage Types Bennington Pontoon Boats can be used for entertaining, watersports, fishing, day cruising, visiting sandbars, beaches and coves, and as elegant transport to waterside dining.

Types of Bennington Pontoon Boats

The Bennington fleet consists of four series, or lines: Q Line, R Bowrider Line, the new 2023 LX Sport Line, and the SX Line. Lengths range from 16- to 30-feet LOA. Most Bennington models are 8’6” wide, though some models boast a 10-foot beam. Conventional pontoon boats, as well as triple pontoon “tri-toon” models, are also available. Pontoons feature single or twin outboard engines up to 900-hp in total, with engines from all major outboard makes available. Models are available for fishing, or that emphasize entertainment or performance. Bennington pontoons can be equipped to serve in saltwater at customer request. Read on as we help you sort through the variables.

Boat Tests & Reviews

At Boating Magazine, we pride ourselves on delivering the most trusted boat reviews on the Internet. While reviewing Bennington Pontoons we assess construction, equipment, engines, pricing, and customizable options. You can also count on our Certified Boat tests, in which we capture and produce our own data–an accurate snapshot of how a specific boat powered by a specific engine performed under a specific load with a specific propeller. In our fully certified tests, we also make sure to provide you with a comparison versus other similar pontoon boats, to further help you understand where the test boat fits in the market. Enjoy and learn from this aspect of our content. Use our Certified Tests to help you narrow down your boat buying decisions to a short list.

Bennington S20 Swingback SPS running fast
Boat Test: 2024 Bennington S20 Swingback SPS
Style, function and brand swagger converge at a surprisingly affordable price on the Bennington S20 Swingback...
Bennington 27Q Fastback cruising smoothly
2024 Bennington 27Q Fastback
The 27Q Fastback turns heads while delivering a plush ride.
Bennington 23 RX Sport Swingback out for a cruise
2024 Bennington 23 RX Sport Swingback
The 23 RX Sport Swingback mixes precision handling with stylish looks.
Bennington 22 SVSB-SPS cruising
2024 Bennington 22 SVSB-SPS
The 22 SVSB-SPS combines sure-footed handling with a comfy ride.
Bennington 20 SF-SPS cruising
2024 Bennington 20 SF-SPS
The 20 SF-SPS impresses with its features and construction.
Bennington 25 QFBA cruising
Boat Test: 2023 Bennington 25 Q Fastback
This well-appointed party platform cruises with aplomb.
Bennington 27 RX Sport Swingback running
2023 Bennington 27 RX Sport Swingback
Striking design mixed with remarkable performance.
Bennington 25 QFBA cruising
2023 Bennington 25 Q Fastback
Stylish looks meet impressive performance.
Bennington LX 26 Sport Swingback running
2023 Bennington 26 LX Sport Swingback
Aggressive handling matches aggressive looks.

Bennington Pontoon Boats Videos

For your further education and enjoyment, we at Boating produce numerous Bennington Pontoon Boats videos each year. Watch these videos to see Bennington Pontoon Boats–and the Boating editors that test them–in action! Videos include performance highlights, a walkthrough of the boat and more.

FAQs About Bennington Pontoon Boats

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about Bennington Pontoon Boats, including the types of boats Bennington makes, where they’re produced and how to find a Bennington that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Bennington Pontoon Boats offer a wide variety of layouts including Swingback, Quad Bench and the unique Bowrider line. These boats ride on high-performing tube geometries whether it’s a triple-toon or a standard two-tube pontoon boat. Its ESP-3+ running surface and patented elliptical tubes maximize buoyancy and stability. Performance foils, keels, and lifting strakes are just some of the special features found aboard Bennington Pontoon Boats. Interior amenities include tables, bars, changing rooms, stern lounges swingback lounges, windshields and more.

Bennington Pontoons cost between the mid-$20 K range on up to the $250K range.

Bennington Pontoon Boats builds double-tube and triple-tube pontoon boats of both 8’6 and 10’0” beam and up to 30-feet LOA with single or twin gasoline or electric outboards.

According to Bennington, its popular line is the SX line and the most popular model in that line is the 22 SX Quad Bench.

Owners who enjoy their Bennington Pontoon Boats have also considered Barletta and Manitou.

Yes. Unlike “bargain” brands mid-and higher-priced pontoons like Bennington depreciate less and slower.

Boats live a tough life being used in the water, used seasonally and often forgotten till spring. Bennington’s high-end rigging, excellent construction, and choice of top-notch components ensures a Bennington Pontoon will last longer than lesser made pontoons given the same treatment.

Yes. Superior construction and components makes care easier than for boats less rigorously built or equipped.

Bennington pontoons are manufactured in Elkhart, Indiana.

Bennington offers numerous models with special fishing features and equipment like livewells and tackle storage.

Pontoon boats are great for family fun-style watersports. A Bennington Pontoon boat will be great for these activities. However, it, like other pontoon boats, should not be considered to deliver an expert-level watersports experience

How to Care for a Bennington Pontoon Boat

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