Boat of the Year Finalists for 2022

These five boats represent the best our editors tested during 2022.

Boating’s editors test more than 100 boats per year in just about every category. During 2022, our editors once again tested more than 100 boats, including PWC, 16-foot-long runabouts, cruisers, dayboats, and center-console boats in excess of 50 feet length overall.

We tested gas boats, diesel boats, electric boats, jet boats, outboard boats, inboard boats, sterndrive boats and surface-drive boats. We exceeded 150 mph on the water, and we cruised at displacement speeds. V-hull boats represented the lion’s share of our test pool, but we also ran plenty of catamarans in addition to some RIBs, a proa and even a hydrofoil. Coupled with our editors nearly 200 years of combined experience testing boats, this provides the Boating Tech Team with a river of experience that is broad and deep.

Each year, we apply that experience and select the most coveted award in recreational boating: the Boat of the Year (BOTY). Candidates must stand out in the category in which they reside or in the mission they are intended to fulfill. We do not pit a sport-fisher against a wakeboat, for example. Rather, if a wakeboat strikes us as a candidate, we assess how it innovates in that realm. So, the Boat of the Year is the boat that stands out in its category more than any other boat we tested stands out in any other category.

We announce the Boat of the Year winner in January. The five boats here are the 2022 BOTY finalists and themselves represent great boats for the missions in which they serve. Which boat will be the Boat of the Year? Find out in January.

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Malibu Wakesetter 21 LX on the lake
The PowerWedge III simulates an additional 1,500 pounds. Garrett Cortese

Malibu Wakesetter 21 LX

Marrying the bow seating space of a pickle-fork hull with the attractive lines of a traditional bow, this boat is actually offered with two hulls, one optimized for wake sports and the other allowing wake sports and water-skiing. Its G5 Tower and Integrated Surf Platform also won our editors praise.

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Taiga Orca Carbon cruising
The Orca Carbon is capable of hitting speeds up to 65 mph. Courtesy Taiga Motors Inc.

Taiga Orca PWC

Billed as the world’s first electric-powered PWC, we found its direct-drive simple to operate and discovered that it does not exhibit the idle steering issues of lag between forward, neutral and reverse that plague many PWC. Its lightweight carbon-fiber composite hull helps maximize efficiency.

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Scarab Jet 285 ID running fast
The Jet 285 ID is a mix of luxury and contemporary style. Courtesy Scarab Jet Boats

Scarab 285

Offering 600 hp, currently the most for a jet runabout, this boat proved quieter than others during our testing. We also liked that the BRP engines can be adjusted to stop the annoying “spin and creep” evidenced at idle by other jet boats. Uniquely for jet boats, custom vinyl, flooring and gelcoat are available.

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Sea-Doo Switch 21 Cruise on the lake
The Switch 21 Cruise serves up a sporty ride. Courtesy Sea-Doo

Sea-Doo Switch

Here’s a boat that gets a family afloat for under $30,000, is trailerable with a midsize car, and is so truly easy to pilot and dock with handle-bar steering that it opens the world of recreational boating to a wider audience. Its customizable interior, with removable seats and accessories, lets owners set it up to suit the day.

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Solace 41.5 CS idling
The back of the 415CS is wide-open. Courtesy Solace Boats

Solace 415CS

This diesel-powered center-console delivers superior range and seakeeping compared to its outboard-powered counterpart, which we documented side by side during a 400-mile round-trip cruise to the Bahamas Out Islands. The jack-shafted Volvo Penta Aquamatic system allows for the inclusion of an electric motor to make this a hybrid-powered vessel.

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