The New Ilmor MV8 570

Ilmor’s new MV8 570 provides an instant power boost.


Spring is just around the corner and for most high-performance boat owners, getting their boat ready for the season means trying to make the boat go faster. Ilmor Marine has a great way to do this with its new MV8 570. This naturally aspirated, fuel-injected engine was developed to give a 145-hp boost as a direct replacement for the old MerCruiser 496 MAG HO. Replace your old twin MerCruisers with the new 570s and you're getting a 290-hp boost. Do some quick math and for a conventional V-bottom boat, that's a speed increase of about 19 mph based on the idea that you need about 15 hp to gain a mph. For a stepped V-bottom, you could expect to pick up at least 25 mph.

The MV8 570 is based on GM Performance Parts’ LS 454-cid block. All internal parts are designed by Ilmor and manufactured with higher-strength materials such as forged steel or aluminum to the company’s specifications. The engine block is cast iron while the cylinder heads and intake manifold are aluminum. The crankshaft and connecting rods are forged steel with forged alloy pistons. Engine weight is listed at 830 pounds with all internal fluids and the MV8 570 has a bore and stroke of 4.185” x 4.125” and a compression ratio of 10.7:1.

Ilmor uses engine technologies such as variable valve timing for overall enhanced performance, which provides improved bottom-end torque and higher horsepower output at its maximum rpm of 6000. Comparatively, the 496 MAG HO has a maximum rpm output of about 5200 rpm.

The MV8 570 has a 3 Start Ultra Low Emissions rating from the California Air Resources Board and Environmental Protection Association and is approved for use by the European Union. It runs on 91 octane fuel and Ilmor pairs it with either a Teague Custom Marine Platinum or IMCO SCX or SC upgraded Bravo One drive. It will match up with a stock Bravo drive, but that product is rated for a maximum of 600 hp, so the MV8 570 might be pushing things, especially with its high torque output. Still, it would be a great Spring upgrade and an instant performance boost. Contact Ilmor for pricing at