Boombot Pro

Easily play music on your boat with the Boombot Pro.

Boombot ProBoombotix

Sure, many boats have cool built-in stereos, but lots of them don't. Here is a great waterproof backup or an ideal unit for smaller, open boats, or for that day when your stereo is awaiting repair. It has a shockingly big sound and clear, crisp high notes. Auxiliary inputs or Bluetooth smartphone connections are a snap. Play music or stream Pandora right through it. It even syncs with Siri and serves as a speakerphone. There's 2 GB of internal memory to store and play music without a device connected. Did I mention it's waterproof? The kids will want to take it down to the beach when you're at your sandbar party, so they should have their own unit. Use it in the shower...or wherever. $99.99;