Celebrate 406 Day With the United States Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard recognizes April 6 as 406 Day to help boaters remember to register their EPIRB or PLB.
Boater in the water with life jacket on
Registering your EPIRB or PLB can help speed rescue. Courtesy NOAA

The United States Coast Guard is recognizing Saturday, April 6th (4/06) as 406 Day in honor of the 406 MHz, the frequency that EPIRPs and PLBs use to broadcast your distress signal and location to authorities by satellite.

Do you have a registered EPIRB or PLB on board? You should as part of your boating safety package. Here’s some of our recent coverage of the latest and greatest emergency beacons, as well as how-to advice for mounting and registering your EPIRP and PLB.

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