The Case for Mono

When should you use mono?

The low stretch of braided fishing line results in smoother casts, great sensitivity to soft bites and better hook-sets. Braid's low-drag and teeny diameter allow you to fish deeper and with less weight. But braided line costs more than monofilament and is harder to tie knots with. So, when should you use mono?

1. Fish hooked on dropper-loop rigs have a harder time shaking themselves on the hook thanks to the stretchy give of monofilament.

2. In clear shallow water, mono is less visible, plus its stretch is minimal over a short distance for solid hook-sets and sensitivity to lure action.

3. Mono's larger diameter and extra resistance causes a "belly" to form in the line. Use it to "float" a tube, skirt or other light lure at mid-depths.

4. It's easier to untangle a snarl in mono. Braided line is wonderful, but mono still belongs in the savvy angler's kit.