Converting to an Electronic Digital-Switching System

Converting from conventional DC electric switches to an electronic digital-switching system allows for touchscreen integration.

Electronic Digital-Switching Conversion
Electronic Digital-Switching ConversionBEP

Converting a boat from conventional DC electric switches to an electronic digital-switching system operating on an NMEA 2000 network includes the advantage of calling up virtual buttons on one or more compatible touchscreen multifunction ­displays, giving you the option of eliminating a switch panel altogether.

Geared toward small- to medium-size boats, BEP Marine’s CZone Combination Output Interface (COI) streamlines the conversion to digital switching, allowing you to do so with just one module. With an overall 150-amp rating, the compact 30-channel unit replaces as many as five separate digital-switching modules, making it a more cost-effective solution for digital switching. It can also serve as a building block for systems on larger boats.

The COI features waterproof Deutsch connectors and has an IPx5 water-resistance rating. It has 12 low-current (10-amp) switched outputs, four high-current (25-amp) outputs, eight analog inputs and six digital-switch inputs. A USB port allows configurations to be loaded by the owner with a USB stick at the touch of a button.

The CZone module seamlessly integrates with MFDs from Furuno, Garmin, Lowrance and Simrad. Additionally, you can install a BEP push-button panel that offers the look and comforting feel of conventional switches; plus, it allows for instant access to key functions versus scrolling through menus to get to the switching mode on your MFD. It costs $1,675 (MSRP); visit