DEEP Ocean Apparel Board Shorts

Shorts designed to wear "from boat to bar."

board shorts

DEEP Ocean Apparel Board Shorts

Board shorts you can wear from the boat to the bar.Courtesy DEEP Ocean Apparel

DEEP Ocean Apparel sent a pair of board shorts my way, and after one wearing they quickly became a go-to pair for all of my preferred water-related activities. Why? They are not straight-up surf britches--the kind that dry quickly after a boarding session or clean easily after fishing. These do that too, but they also look presentable enough to wear with a clean shirt to the dining establishment nearest to the marina.

The shorts I received fit the DEEP Ocean mission statement of designing clothes "that allowed us to wear the same outfit from the boat to the bar." They are actually called the Boat To Bar Grey. They are made from quick-drying, stain-resistant material in a surf style, but with front and back pockets to hold the keys, phone and wallet. After I went for a swim, I let them air dry for about 20 minutes and they were good to go.