DELTA 2.0 Wake Surf Shaper

The industries first suction-based wakeshaper just got an upgrade with even better, surf-all-day performance. DELTA 2.0 features RipFlow™ Technology that delivers enhanced wave cleanup performance by inducing more turbulence than ever before. This means a competition-class wave in the most efficient way possible. DELTA 2.0 features more flexibility in mounting locations, enhanced performance on boats over 23’, and less steerage at low speeds. Now with Limited Lifetime Warranty.

DELTA 2.0 Wake Surf ShaperMISSION Boat Gear


  • PROVEN GEOMETRY - DELTA's contoured front panel with engineered side vents generates the perfect amount of turbulence resulting in the best possible wave performance for your boat. Larger flat panels put more stress on the boat which increases steering problems, fuel consumption, and splashing without increasing wave performance.

  • REVERSIBLE ORIENTATION - DELTA's proprietary reversible design offers more flexibility in attachment locations to optimize wave performance. Normal orientation is typically used for decently weighted v-drives. Reversed orientation works great for direct-drives or complex hulls that require DELTA to be attached higher, such as X2's or X45's.

  • HIGH POWER SUCTION CUPS - Proprietary HyLoft™ Suction Cups easily conform to curved surfaces, unlike off-the-shelf glass-lifting cups which were designed to stick to flat surfaces. DELTA's superior materials also last longer and stand up to the harsh conditions of the boating environment.

Manufacturer: MISSION Boat Gear
MSRP: $398.00
Website: MISSION Boat Gear