Fishing With Noodles

Pool noodles can be a great piece of fishing equipment.

Rubber bands, Tupperware and wine corks are on fishing boats everywhere — even though they were intended for use on dry land. Add pool noodles to the list, and make these.

** ****Noodle Bobbers**
All sizes can be made by cutting the noodle to length and sliding a rubber band around it. Thread your line through the noodle's hollow center, double it back, and tuck it under the rubber band to secure it. When fish pull, the line pops out of the rubber band, and the "bobber" slides freely on the line.

Hook Bonnets
Treble hook bonnets, or protectors, can be fashioned with an inch-thick noodle slice, cut in half. Put the two halves around the hook shanks and slide them down until all three points are capped.

Bait Net Floats
Keeps you from fishing around the livewell for your net. Cut a noodle to length and slide it over the net handle, and it'll bob around where you can grab it. It will also help prevent net loss if you happen to drop it overboard.

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