2023 Pro Controll Revolution Trolling Motors

Pro Controll trolling motors offer innovation at an affordable price.

Pro Controll Revolution Trolling Motors
Efficient propulsion mixed with maneuverability. Courtesy Pro Controll

If you thought a trolling motor needed to be complicated, complex to install, and expensive to buy, check out the new line of innovative trolling motors from Pro Controll. The company’s new Revolution line might change your mind.

Tailored toward anglers fishing from johnboats and utility boats, Pro Controll Revolution hand-controlled trolling motors deliver quiet, reliable electric power to the bow or stern of the boat, delivering both efficient propulsion to fishing spots and the maneuverability and positioning required for a maximized catch. They are unique in the angling marketplace.

The concept is brilliant in its simplicity. A lightweight motor with easy, flexible mounting fits the bill for a wide swath of anglers. Pro Controll even offers a universal storage stand—the EZ Stand—and the EZ Mount, which is a bracket designed for mounting the motors on boats with gunwales less than 3 inches wide and 1 inch deep. Let’s take a closer at the workings of Pro Controll trolling motors.

Pro Controll Revolution Trolling Motors bracket
The unique Pro Controll ­mounting bracket securely attaches the motor to the gunwales. Courtesy Pro Controll

The unique Pro Controll mounting bracket securely attaches the motor to the gunwales of most johnboats and utility boats at the transom, bow, or along the sides—making it easy for anglers to move the motor to wherever it’s needed at any given time. The hand-controlled control head rotates through 180 degrees, allowing the extendable tiller handle to be positioned opposite the propeller when powering the boat from the transom, or to be aligned over the propeller to facilitate precise positioning and intricate boat movements when the motor is mounted at the front of the boat.  

Each Revolution trolling motor is compatible with Pro Controll’s quick-disconnect battery harness. The 20-foot-long harness, rated for up to 60 amps and for either 12 or 24 volts, features a quick-disconnect plug that mates to the one on the motor. In conjunction with the motor’s light weight, this harness allows anglers to easily move a Pro Controll motor around the boat without having to move its heavy 12-volt batteries from one location to another. 

Pro Controll offers a truly innovative line of electric trolling motors. 

High Points

  • Low cost makes trolling motor maneuverability and positioning more affordable.
  • Quickly install on, or remove from, either bow or stern to suit needs of the moment.
  • Excellent mix of available accessories to further enhance convenience and fishability.
  • Twelve-inch extendable tiller handle, and S-type models feature a handle that swivels up to ease steering whether seated or standing.

Pricing and Specs

Price:$214.95 to $255.95
Shaft Length:48″
Voltage:12 volts
Thrust Ratings:32, 40 and 50 lb.
Speeds:5 (forward); 3 (reverse)

Pro Controllprocontroll.com; 913-721-9800

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