Baja Electro Wipes

Electro Wipes keep electronic displays clean and clear.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t avoid smudges and water spots on my marine electronic displays. And I’m a bit of clean freak. So I need to clean them every trip, and sometimes in the middle of trip.

Yet, you can't use just any cleaner on an LCD screen. Special cleaners are required to prevent damaging the plastic face of the display. One of the most convenient screen cleaners is Electro Wipes from Baja Products.

Forty-five of these handy towelettes come in a resealable canister along with a microfiber cloth. The wipes quickly cleaned the smudges from the screen on my Lowrance HDS-10 multi-function display, but left a bit of lint. However, this quickly buffed away with the microfiber cloth, leaving the screen crystal clear and lint-free.

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