Basic Elements: Bottom Line Tournament 5100

Walleye anglers are hardcore about their fishfinders. They don't care about color, massive output power, or fancy software. They just want razor-sharp detail, a big screen for split views, and easy manual adjustments-features that excite serious coastal anglers, too. Bottom Line clearly listened to these folks and has introduced its Tournament 5100.

The fishfinder has a 6 1/2"-by-3 1/2" grayscale screen (320-by-480 pixels), and when the display is split, each side is as large as the whole screen on many other depthsounders. With all those pixels, target discrimination on the full screen is 1 1/2" in 40 feet of water, but turn on the bottom track or zoom and it's less than an inch. Want to see who's hiding beside a wreck? The Tournament 5100 can show you.

Two keys plus a four-way cursor make controlling the display easy. Spend an hour using it on Simulator and you'll quickly learn to scroll through the functions. Here's one tip, though: When fishing, keep the menu set on Gain, so you can adjust it quickly as depths change.

Price $400 Contact Bottom Line, 208/887-1000,