ComNav Nexus NX2

Getting navigation data to you is essential; getting it to you in customized configurations and locations is ideal. The Nexus NX2 system from ComNav does a good job of providing data from multiple functions in an integrated instrument package that's expandable to fit your needs.

The Basic SP1 Starter Pack System ($999) includes a 4 1/2"-by-4 1/2" display, log and depth transducers, and a server with two NMEA interfaces and a PC port. The SP1 delivers speed (current and the average), two trip distance logs, total miles traveled, depth, water temperature, elapsed time, battery voltage, and alarms for shallow water and depth.

But SP1 is only the foundation of a larger system. There are more than a dozen displays that can be added to the server, plus an assortment of sensors that increase the system's versatility. If you have a boat longer than 30', I recommend that you get the NX2 SP2 Starter Pack System ($1,799), which adds a wind sensor to the SP1 package. It greatly helps when you're maneuvering in narrow waters. So does the rudder angle sensor ($245), which can be added to either system. Or opt for the NX2 SP3 Starter Pack System ($2,199), which provides all of the SP2 elements and adds a fluid-dampened compass transducer. For a fully integrated package, you can import GPS information from your other onboard equipment via the NMEA interface.

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