Pets who boat are like friends who don’t. They can make great companions...or horrible shipmates. Here's what you'll need.

December 15, 2010

Seems like a silly idea, but dogs’ eyes can also be affected by sunlight — just like yours. These sunglasses absorb up to 400 nanometers of ultraviolet light, are adjustable for fit and, after a short adapting period, will not annoy the pet. Available in nine colors (we prefer no-nonsense black) from $20;

Life Jacket
Forget the cutesy “designer” patterns. Choose a bright (yellow is best) solid-color vest that fits your pet, like this well-designed Paws Aboard version with reflective strips. Look for a lifting handle, adjustable Velcro straps and quick-draining mesh underbelly. Priced from $24 to $50, depending on size;

First Aid Kit
This complete kit from Ready Dog Products has all you’ll need to provide immediate first aid, including a natural blood-stopping powder and tools for stitching wounds. It’s well worth $99;


Pooch Pad
You’re not the only one who loves comfort. This handcrafted pet bed is made with 3-inch foam covered in water-resistant sunbrella fabric. A nylon stowaway duffle is included. Priced from $139;

Can’t get ashore? Pup-Head from PupGear turns your cockpit, or a “special place” in the cabin, into a portable potty when your pet needs to go and you’re still anchored. Priced from $70;


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