New gear items.

** The Reactor Solar Backpack** $140; 512/388-2585, More than just a bag -- it's also a complete integrated solar charging solution! Multiple pockets hold a cell phone, GPS, MP3 player, and laptop, an elastic lanyard for keys, and a removable clip for a USB memory stick, as well as external side mesh pockets for a water bottle. An integrated solar charging module uses a 12-volt automotive adapter, so you can charge your gear whether you're beaching your boat or forgot to plug your portable units in before heading for the marina.

** Xubaz Functional Scarf** $35; 866/699-8229, What's better than having a scarf onboard that will keep you warm on breezy cruises around the inlet? Having one that eliminates the need for space-robbing bags. The Xubaz boasts six pockets, suited for holding your wallet, portable GPS, MP3 player, and other small but important items. Built-in straps and a clip also guarantee that the scarf will stay secure and snug, no matter how harsh the weather.

** NaviLED LED Navigation Lights** $99; 770/631-7500, These powerful lights, which can be seen from two nautical miles away, are energy efficient and draw less than 2 watts each, one-tenth the power of a comparable incandescent bulb. The shock-, vibration-, and UV-resistant lamps are reverse polarity and spike protected to preserve long service life, and the pre-wired cable in each lamp ensures a speedy, waterproof installation. The lamps measure 2.8"-by-2"-by-1.3", weigh less than 1.7 ounces, and are available in single port, starboard, stern, and towing lights, as well as twin port and starboard packs.