Gearhead, June 2006

Dry Water Blade $25, 800/252-1986, If you want to use the excuse that you can't find the time to clean your boat, then don't get the Water Blade-it makes cleaning easy. Its gel handle increases the flexibility of the silicone blade, so it works well on curved and contoured surfaces. The medical-grade silicone blade features a T-Bar edge that whisks away water. Swobbit claims that its Water Blades dry in a third of the time of chamois or ordinary squeegees and are safe for all finishes. With no metal parts, it won't scratch or damage surrounding areas.

Mion Slack Tide Slide $80, 866/784-6466, Sure, the design of this shoe doesn't look like anything you've seen at the dock lately, but look past it because these slides are made for comfort. Inserts mold to the shape of your foot, and the upper wraps snugly around the foot, holding it in place for maximum comfort. The sole offers traction in wet conditions, and at 11 ounces, the shoes are lightweight. Mions also don't absorb or retain water.

Garmin Fishfinder 140 $128, 800/800-1020, With minimal buttons and intuitive operations, the Fishfinder 140 lets you keep the sonar display while you change settings. It includes Ultrascroll, which allows for fast screen updates, AutoGain, user adjustable gain, a dual-beam transom-mount transducer with user-selectable narrow or wide view, and backlit display and keypad. The Fishfinder 140's display measures 3.3"-by-3.3" (4.7" diagonally) and has 240-by-128 pixels with four-level grayscale.

Adventure Medical Kits $20 to $850, 800/324-3517, The Marine Series includes eight medical kits, each designed for the specific distance and time of a boating trip. Kits include supplies for sunburn, skin infections, seasickness, injuries, and medical problems associated with diving, snorkeling, and fishing. The kits may include these injury-specific bags, depending on the kit: bleeding, suture/syringe, CPR/instruments, medications, wound care, burn/blister, or fracture/sprain. Marine Series medical kits are made of nylon with a floatable foam-padded case.

Alpen Trail-Tec $150 and $180, 909/987-8370, The Trail-Tec series of binoculars includes two full-size waterproof models. Features include: large lenses and multicoated optics for a crisp, bright image, an optical design for eyeglass wearers, rubber armor for comfort, and waterproof and fog-proof construction for those blustery days on the water. They also house a digital compass, thermometer, and clock that are viewed on a LCD. The Trail-Tec come with a carrying case and neck strap.

Jeep Minimoto Dune Buggy $699, 800/434-6178, With an 800-watt electric motor and 36-volt rechargeable battery, the Minimoto is designed to drive on off-road terrain with a top speed of 18 mph. The Minimoto features dual-disc brakes, hand-mounted controls, a suspension system, and forward and reverse modes. The Minimoto also includes a seat belt, roll bar, tool kit, and battery charger. It can carry up to 200 pounds. -kari snyder