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01 09 01

** PAW1500-1V Ultimate Pathfinder $400; 800.634.1895,**

The first 200-meter water-resistant timepiece in the Pathfinder line features tide and moon graph/phase indicators to help navigate the coastline as well as a digital compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, and self-adjusting technology. This eliminates the need to manually adjust the time/calendar for daylight savings or leap year. The solar power function allows the timepiece to energize itself through natural, solar, or artificial light. Time, graphs, and measurements are read on an LCD display.

UCM1-3.5 Diesel Generator $5,985; 888.463.9879,

Want a green alternative for onboard power? This compact, 200-pound generator provides 3,500 watts with an average fuel consumption of less than 2⁄10 gph. Unlike gasoline gensets, the diesel engine emits low amounts of carbon monoxide and a self-tensioning belt and rigid engine-to-generator attaching plate allow the engine to run at 2,800 rpm. The 7-hp single-cylinder UCM1-3.5 measures a compact 2'6"-by-1'6"-by-1'4½".

Skinny Mini VHF antenna $75; 803.227.1590,

Designed specifically for bass boats and center consoles, this 36", 3dB antenna has a sleek, low-profile look, which allows for higher mounting and extended range. A chrome-plated brass canister houses tin-plated copper wire coil to minimize detuning, and the stainless-steel whip reduces weight. A durable antenna, it can be installed easily with the PL-259 connector (included) and 15' of RG-58 cable.



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