Here are some of the newest gear items.

SeaComfort Marine Mattresses Price upon request; 828/328-2213, Available in Select, Premium, and Ultra models, these custom-manufactured mattresses have corrosion-resistant innerspring coil bases to provide the ultimate in support and durability, even in extreme weather conditions. The mattresses feature stain-resistant, water-repellent woven covers and nonslip bottoms to repel water and resist mildew. An optional hinge allows for easy changing of linens and extra stowage.

12" Pull-Up Cleats $289; 727/572-9202, Accon introduces a new 12" version of its popular cleats that retract flush to the boat to avoid a cluttered look. Crafted from 316 stainless steel to withstand a marine environment, the low-profile 12" version comes with a waterproofing cup to avoid below-deck runoff and a supplied heavy-duty backing plate that simplifies installation. The cleat fastens to the deck with four 5⁄16" screws. A recess in the base allows it to be pulled up quickly when called to action.

Flexible Water Blade $25; 800/962-6241, Remove water spots with this quick-drying water blade as it molds to curved and uneven surfaces. The 12" scratch-resistant silicon blade can be used on boats, windows, countertops, mirrors, cars, and more, and it dries in a third the time of a chamois. A flexible handle ensures a slip-free grip. An optional adapter that allows the blade to adjust 180 degrees for hard-to-reach places is also available.

Swimmer's Ear Eliminator $100; 800/321-1484, This rechargeable ear dryer eliminates the moisture trapped in the outer ear canal, where germs love to grow. Ideal for watersport enthusiasts, the handheld dryer delivers a gentle 80-second stream of warm air into the ear, eliminating moisture. The compact unit folds away into its own integrated carrying case. Each set includes four color-coded earpieces for use by multiple boaters. The battery recharges in three hours and lasts for 50 cycles.

BF Series 150 Reverse Osmosis System $3,594; 772/569-3000, Connect intake and outtake hoses and hook up to power, and this vibration-free watermaker is ready to go. It features an energy-saving motor, high-pressure pump, product flow meter, sample valve, and 316L stainless-steel, liquid-filled, high-pressure valve. Constructed from marine-grade aluminum and noncorrosive ABS/PVC stainless steel, the compact BF Series operates on 110-volt AC.

Dream Thermotronic System $3,990; 212/744-2100, This high-tech temperature and humidity control unit is suitable for cabins up to 300 cubic feet. Energy efficient, the Dream uses no coolant gas but instead uses seawater to exchange heat that emanates from the dehumidifying process, while eliminating dampness, mold, mildew, and odors. The streamlined unit can be mounted vertically or horizontally and measures 8.3"-by-29.6"-by-7.1". The economical Dream consumes just 450 watts and comes in 12- and 24-volt versions with an optional AC power supply unit.