Here are some great new gear items.

Fish-On $18; 877.234.7466,

You have a small boat. You love to fish. Fishing is thirsty work. What to do? Where to put everything? Try the Tempress Fish-On Cup Holder with Rod Mount. It fits into popular side-mounted rodholders and allows you to safely store your beverage while working your rod. Its gyroscope motion stabilizes a stored cup in rough waters. Install it on a flat vertical surface or to a 7⁄8" or 1" rail. When it's placed you won't have to worry about dropping your drink in the drink when the big one bites.

Mega Beam Deck Floodlight $200; 770.631.7500,

Every boater must see what's up ahead. Here's a floodlight that provides the illumination you need. Hella's completely sealed and resilient lamp is made for powerboats that are subject to high vibration, impact, and shock loads. This LED floodlight comes with stainless-steel mounting hardware and is prewired with more than 6' of marine cable. It uses only seven watts of power.

BioShrink Shrinkwrap $240; 800.968.5147,

You want to protect your boat from the elements so you shrinkwrap it. But come spring, you discover that mold and mildew wormed their way in. Dr. Shrink's BioShrink has an antimicrobial coating that resists the development of microorganisms such as mildew, mold, algae, and E. coli. The cover is environmentally friendly, and the company sponsors a recycling program for shrinkwrap. It's sold in 8ml rolls measuring 20' by 100'.