Check out these gear items.

Roll-X Flopper Stopper Pole Kit From $745;

You have Forespar's Roll-X Stabilizer and are thrilled that your boat no longer rocks while at anchor. But it's difficult to get it positioned properly. The Flopper Stopper Pole Kit makes a sturdy rig that can be mounted or stored using quick-release pole fittings. The kit lowers the stabilizer 6' below the water and safely extends it off the beam.

Harpoon $349, plus $20/month; 866.859.4118;

When the horror of horrors happens and your boat disappears, have no worries. If you install Blackline GPS' Harpoon, a GPS-based watercraft recovery and tracking system, your baby can be quickly found and returned. With the accompanying key fob, the system will disarm whever you board your boat, but if the system is armed and your boat leaves its designated security perimeter, Harpoon alerts the Blackline Recovery Service. Wired to your boat's batteries, the Harpoon can also be monitored at the user Web site.

Minox Spycam $249; 866.469.3080;

Want to know where your buddy's favorite fishing hotspot is, but he won't tell you where to find it? It's time to become a spy. Minox's newest Digital SpyCam is so small (33⁄8"-by-13⁄16"-by-7⁄8" and 2.1 ounces), it'll disappear inside your clenched fist-your bud will never know that you snapped a pic of his waypoint settings. Hey, when it comes to winning a big tournament, anything goes.