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Ultra System $1,300/$2,500;

Ultrasonic Antifouling has developed a new device to keep boats clean. Its Ultra 10 (for boats up to 10 meters) and Ultra 20 (up to 20 meters) units emit high-frequency, low-power sound waves that destroy algae, thus preventing weed and barnacle growth on your boat's hull. Because it doesn't rely on environment-damaging paints, the Ultra System is the latest in green technology. The unit has a control box attached to transducers that are bonded to the inside of a boat's hull.

Quick Aleph/Dylan Windlasses From $1,299; 410.768.5991;

Quick's latest vertical anchor windlasses are made to withstand the harsh marine environment. The Aleph works on boats from 22' to 49'; the Dylan is design for those in the 38'-to-64' range. The Aleph is made from aluminum anodized in hard oxide, which provides an extra layer of resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Dylan has a stainless-steel base with anodized aluminum interior. Aleph delivers a maximum pull of 2,245 pounds; Dylan delivers 2,866 pounds. Whatever your anchoring needs, these windlasses can handle the launch and recovery.

JBL Faceplate Adaptor $35;

Want to upgrade your boat's sound system to handle digital recordings? JBL has made the change a piece of cake. It has devised an ABS plastic adaptor that comes with a USB port and miniplug jack, which quickly enables your old CD player to transition to today's hot digital media. And who knows? Tomorrow's must-have gear may not be far behind, and you'll be ready to switch in a snap.