Get Charged

If you fish with a trolling motor, then you need a dependable battery charger.

Dependability, durability, and a fast recharge are what you need in a battery charger if you fish with a trolling motor. To find out if Guest's new Charge Pro 2745A has what it takes to satisfy tournament-level anglers, I mounted one to the batteries in my 21' Ranger bass boat.

Measuring 16"-by-8"-by-2", the 2745A easily mounted on the inside of the transom-but unfortunately the mounting hardware wasn't included with the purchase. The charger is embedded in a brick of thermal potting compound, so it can survive complete immersion, constant pounding, and the punishment of tournament use. It held up well after use on rough tidal waters.

Hooked up to three Douglas Aquatroll batteries, the 2745A did its job admirably: In the initial bulk stage, the charger used its full output of 15 amps, which gave the batteries a 75 percent charge. Then it switched to the reduced current absorption stage and gently topped them off at 98 percent. The maintenance stage then applied a low, regulated voltage that prevented excess discharge and maintained the full charge. You can leave it on indefinitely without worrying about overcharging, and thanks to its speedy disposition-it brought three 12-volt batteries from 60 percent discharge to full charge in just four hours-you can get back on the water quickly after a long day of fishing. Price: $500. Contact Guest at 888/483-7865,