Green Marine Fuel Whistle

Top off your tank safely.

We’ve all done it. While we’re topping the tank, fuel spurts out the vent, polluting the water and the air, putting us at risk of a fine and taking the wax off the finish where the fuel splashes the topsides.

Green Marine’s Fuel Whistle seemed like a great solution. It took me all of 10 minutes to install. I simply cut the vent line and clamped it in place. Now when I fuel up, the air displaced from the tank passes through the vent hose and into the tuned venturi of the Fuel Whistle. As the tank gets full, the whistle changes to a warble. When the tank is completely full, the whistling stops — and I release the lever on the fuel nozzle without a drop going out the vent.

Made from tough plastic, the Fuel Whistle can’t corrode, and there are no moving parts or valves inside to jam and hinder proper tank ventilation. It must be mounted at between 45 and 90 degrees to work — but, of course, you shouldn’t have any bend greater than that in the vent line anyway. (If you do, reroute the hose).

At $29.99 and requiring only a nut driver and a couple of clamps to install, it's a bargain.