New Gear

Dry Run

If you're looking for that fabled fountain of youth, give up-no magic water is going to make you any younger. But it's a different story for your bilge pump. Attwood, the makers of Sahara bilge pumps, have found a way to give these pumps longer life: Water circulates around the motor housing, absorbing heat to keep the motor cool. These 51¼2"-by-31¼4"-by-4" automatic bilge pumps, with flow capacities of 500, 750, or 1,100 gph, have a nonmercury, nontoxic float switch. The wires are tinned to resist corrosion and caulked to prevent wicking. The pumps work in salt water and fresh water. Price: $54 to $94. Contact Attwood at 616/897-9241, www.attwoodmarine.com__.

Prize Patrol

Do you catch yourself staring longingly at that blank space above the mantel, wishing you could replace it with a picture of you and your trophy catch? Perhaps it's time for Vexilar's CLC-200. It's a five-color (192-by-160- pixel) LCD depthsounder/ fishfinder that senses to 300 feet. Its easy-to-use menu features four speed-sweep settings, fish ID, and alarms. The 2 3/8"-by-2 7/8" display can be mounted on a quick-release bracket or in the dash. It's available with a 12-degree, 200kHz high-speed or through-hull puck transducer. Price: $349. Contact Vexilar at 952/884-5291, www.vexilar.com__.

Bass Exodus

Fish can run, but they can't hide-well, not within a 100-foot radius- from Humminbird's SmartCast RF10 wireless mobile station. It's a portable system that receives readings from a remote sonar sensor that attaches to your fishing line. Cast the line into the water from a stationary position and the sensor transmits a real-time view of the fish and bottom within 100 feet. The waterproof backlit unit can pick up signals from two sensors at one time. The system lasts for 400 hours on eight batteries and shuts off automatically when removed from water. Price: $160. Contact Humminbird at 334/687-0503, www.humminbird.com__.

Down Turn

Want to update your boat's look without dishing out a wad of dough? Start with a small change at the helm-the 13" stainless-steel Pro-Series PowerWheel. It features a classic three-rung wheel design and comes in white, black, or white with teak rim. Add the Pro-Series PowerKnob, a ball-bearing wheel knob, for better steering control. The knob straps to the wheel, so you won't have to pull out your drill. The package includes all tools needed for installation. Price: PowerWheel, $300; PowerKnob, $100. Contact Edson Marine at 508/995-9711, www.edsonmarine.com__.

Connect More

Transfer files and images, videoconference, e-mail, surf the Internet, and more with the WaveCall 4003, a broadband Internet service providing inbound speeds of 512Kbps and outbound speeds of 128Kbps. The always-on coverage extends from North America to South America and Europe. The service contract, sold with the antenna, lets you transfer up to 1GB of data per month at no additional charge. After that you'll incur a service fee; a per-minute rate for voice service always applies. Price: hardware, $35,000; voice service fee, $0.75/minute. Contact Sea Tel at 925/798-7979, www.seatel.com__.


Bic, the maker of that ubiquitous clear plastic pen, has introduced a line of open-top kayaks. Jump into the Bilbao, a 10'-long solo kayak, or the Tobago, a 13'-long tandem kayak, and paddle to a secluded spot where you can uncap your other Bic and let your thoughts roam free. Both kayaks feature vacuum-formed polyethylene hulls that are impact- and UV-resistant and come with safety lines, EVA foam seats, and carrying handles. Price: Bilbao, $499; Tobago, $649. Contact Bic Sport at 508/291-2770, www.bicsportna.com__.