New Gear

Airmar Triducer $140 to $280 • 603/673-9570 • This 200kHz or 235kHz transducer measures depth, speed, and temperature in one compact housing and can obtain echo readings up to 200 feet. It also features a retractable insert with a depth transducer, paddlewheel, and temperature sensor that can be removed for servicing. It provides accurate speed measurements up to 60 mph. Choose from eight flush-mount housings in bronze and stainless steel.

Gull Chaser $40 • 888/655-0573 • Have seagulls claimed your boat as their outhouse? Turn them away with the Gull Chaser. Its three marine-grade ropes feature evenly spaced fluorescent pennants. Each rope has marine-grade metal snap hooks at its ends that easily attach to fore and aft cleats. The Gull Chaser comes in two sizes-medium, which fits boats with 17' to 24' LOA, and large, for boats between 24' and 30'-and can also be custom sized.

Cooper Cooler $90 • 877/226-6537 • This beverage cooler chills warm beverages to 43 degrees in minutes. Just add some ice cubes and about two cups of water, and the Cooper Cooler chills a single can in about one minute and a bottle in three. How? It rotates the container and then releases a jet of cold water over it. Fortunately, the motion isn't harsh enough to cause carbonated beverages to fizz.

Cole Hersee Deboarding Timer $15 • 617/268-2100 • Hit the On switch of this automatic light shutoff timer and it keeps your boat's lights on for a preset time of two, four, six, or eight minutes, giving you adequate time to leave a well-lit boat and dock. It also comes with a motion sensor and timer that turns lights on for a predetermined amount of time when movement is detected.

MIOX Purifier $130 • 800/531-9531 • At just 31¼2 ounces, this tiny purifier can fit in your pocket and rids water of bacteria, viruses, and other nasty hazards to make it drinkable. How? Add a few drops of freshwater to the purifier, which contains a salt tablet; shake, and press the button. The electricity from the battery transforms the salt/water mixture into a mixed oxidant solution that purifies one gallon of water with one treatment.

Sea-Fire C-Series $270 and up • 800/445-7680 • These mountable fire extinguishers use the firefighting agent FM-200, which leaves no messy powder residue to clean up, doesn't corrode equipment, and is safe for humans and the environment. Both meet all U.S. government, ABYC, and National Fire Protection Association regulations and withstand damage from vibration and the marine climate. The C-50 holds 5.75 pounds of FM-200; the CM-100, 10.75 pounds.

Bushnell Instant Replay $600 • 913/752-3400 • This binocular offers more than just stellar 8x magnification. It also features a high-resolution 2.1-megapixel digital camera and an instant-replay feature that records 30 seconds of video you can play on the pop-up LCD. It has 16MB of internal memory and comes with software that lets you view, download, and edit video clips and camera stills.

Impact XL $35 • 609/298-9331 • This rugged flashlight uses a 1-watt LED light, which the company says is the most powerful LED light source in the world and stronger than both 1-watt halogen and xenon lights. The molded rubber base fits snugly in your grip, but if you drop the Impact XL in the water, don't panic-it's waterproof to about 330 feet. The 10,000-hour bulb lasts up to 70 hours on one battery charge.

Indel Marine Safes $550 to $800 • 954/772-8355 • Ideal for those who easily misplace keys, these marine safes are equipped with an electronic coding system that operates on a built-in battery. If remembering passwords isn't your forte, then you'll like the backup hidden keyhole entry. A felt lining and stainless-steel door with two locking bars and unbreakable hinges protect your laptop, VHF radio, and other valuables.