New Gear

Shut Up

Does your diesel engine make more ruckus than your mother-in-law? Quiet it (your engine) with Sailor's Solutions' SPM soundproofing tiles. These tiles should reduce diesel engine noise by up to 90 percent-unfortunately, they won't drown out in-laws. The 1'-by-1' tiles can be cut to size with scissors or a utility knife. Each is formed with fire-retardant, sound-dampening 11¼8"-thick foam and coated with strong adhesive on one side. Cut to size, peel off the backing, and place the sticky side on any space in your engine compartment, even on round curves with more than a 3" radius. Price: $12 to $180. Contact Sailor's Solutions at

Bottom Feeder

Looking for a fishfinder for your small to midsize boat? Furuno designed the LS4100 to meet your needs. The unit comes with a high-resolution (240-by-320 pixels), 5" display with four gray tones. These features, plus seamless bottom contouring and easy daytime and nighttime viewing, differentiate fish from bottom structure. The dual-frequency transducer transmits data about water depth and temperature, wind and speed, and distance traveled. Connected to a Furuno GPS/WAAS receiver, the LS4100 stores up to 12 waypoints with comments and pinpoints latitude and longitude. Price: $260. Contact Furuno at 360/834-9300,


The tuna on your rod is splashing waves of ocean into your boat, and your not-so-water-resistant tacklebag is floating in the pool. Save the fish or save the tackle? The Standing Water Tackle Bag saves itself-all its seams are welded shut, not sewn, and its zippers are waterproof. The company claims that even while sitting in standing water, the bag won't take in water. Inside, a divider separates the body into two compartments, with a hanging pocket at one end. The bottom is padded with encapsulated foam, and the exterior fabric is coated with urethane. Price: $180. Contact Sagebrush Dry Goods at 406/683-2329,