New Gear

Double Vision

Furuno’s GP1850WF and GP1850DWF have dual-frequency echosounders that detect fish and bottom structures; offer navigation and fishfinder split- and full-size screens; have built-in GPS/WAAS receivers; store up to 2,000 trackpoints, 800 waypoints, and 200 routes with 35 waypoints; accept Furuno CDC, Navionics, or C-Map NT mini-chart cards; and show color charts and position data on a 7″ active-matrix LCD. What’s the difference between them? The GP1850DWF includes a more precise DGPS receiver, giving it positioning ability within one to three meters. Price: GP1850WF, $2,095; GP1850DWF, $2,295. _ Contact Furuno at 360/834-9300,

Seal of Approval


Nothing ruins a cruise like a trip to the engine compartment, especially if it’s tighter than Dad’s pants after Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re trying to reach the impeller, there’s an easier way to remove or replace it. Speedseal is an impeller replacement cover that’s removed simply by unscrewing two of its four bolts. Rising above the seal’s surface, the bolts are located by touch and screw off with just your forefinger and thumb. The inset O-ring seals onto the pump flange, and the recessed area fits over the impeller, leaving space for the impeller rotation. Price: $59. _ Contact Speedseal at 800/675-1105,

Prior Record

Are you as obsessed with your tow vehicle as you are with the boat it tows? Then CarChip is for you. It records 75 hours of data about speed and distance traveled, braking patterns, and engine load. It comes with software that analyzes the data and a connecting cable and power adapter for downloading the information to a PC. The advanced model, CarChip E/X, logs 300 hours of trip details, including rpm, coolant and intake air temperature, and fuel pressure. Price: CarChip, $139; CarChip E/X, $179. _ Contact Davis Instruments at 510/732-9229,


Four Score

You: A bass fisherman who needs a small, quiet motor. Tohatsu: A company that offers virtually silent, minimally vibrating four-stroke engines for small boats. Tohatsu’s 8-hp and 9.8-hp four-strokes weigh just 81.5 pounds each, making them suitable for trolling or powering such small craft as inflatables, dinghies, aluminum fishing boats, and pontoons. The digital ignition system starts immediately in all seas and weather conditions and gives quick throttle response and smooth trolling. Price: 8 hp, $1,889; 9.8 hp, $2,043. Contact Tohatsu at 972/323-6003,

WAAS the Diff?


It can place a boat within five meters of a waypoint anywhere in United States waters and 200 miles offshore and eliminates the need for a beacon receiver and antenna. What is it? WAAS-and Si-Tex incorporated it into its GPK-10, an 18-channel GPS receiver. The GPS signal won’t be interrupted by most nearby electronics, so the unit can be mounted almost anywhere. Its antenna and receiver are housed in a single waterproof unit. The GPK-10 interfaces with charting systems, track plotters, autopilots, and other NMEA 0183 systems. Price: $299. _ Contact Si-Tex at 727/576-5734,

Water Missile

Seagulls turning your bench seats into personal Porta Potties? Throw the plastic decoy owl in the trash-it’s time to get serious. Chase away seagulls with the Scarecrow. Linked to a hose, it sends a three-second blast of water at offending birds. Its internal infrared sensor detects these flying rats by their movement and body heat. The company says one nine-volt battery can operate the system for four to six months. It stands 24 inches tall and is all black with optional yellow stickers that make the unit resemble an angry robotic toucan. Price: $79. _ Contact Contech at 800/767-8658,


No Stopping It

We’re tired of getting cut off by thermal shutdown switches, and we’re not going to take it anymore! Thankfully, Wesmar created the DC Pro, an electric bow thruster that operates continuously without shutdown from a cutoff switch. The variable-speed motor gives the operator more control so just the right amount of power can be applied in specific conditions. Don’t worry about hoses, fittings, or pumps: This electric system doesn’t need lengthy installations. An optional remote control operates either the bow or stern thruster. The DC Pro is available in 24 or 48 volts and operates at 5 to 23 hp. Price: $3,500 to $12,995. _ Contact Wesmar at 425/481-2296,

Beam Team

Does your flashlight emit only one beam of light at a single power? Friend, you can do better than that-just check out the L1 LumaMax. This aluminum, 2.9-ounce LED has a digitally controlled, two-stage switch that offers two output choices: Switch to low for less power, high for full power, or activate both beams together. It produces light for up to 50 hours on low beam and up to 5 hours on high beam. Choose from white, red, blue, or green LED lights. Price: $125. _ Contact Surefire at 800/828-8809,

Big Picture

Planning a long cruise down the eastern seaboard? If you own a Garmin Bluechart- compatible chartplotter, then you’re in luck-Bluecharts now span the entire East Coast. This two-cartridge set details the waters from Maine to Miami. Bluecharts electronic navigational charts look just like paper charts. Cursor movements over the charts provide descriptive detail of contour depths, chart number, and navaids. Price: $1,071. _ Contact Garmin at 800/800-1020,