New Gear

JRC-130 $3,125 to $4,695, 1kW • 206/654-5644

This black box sounder displays low and high frequencies or a split view of both. Water temperature changes and depth are displayed graphically and stored in the unit’s internal memory. Sixteen half-tone colors separate the bottom from fish. It comes with keyboard and transducer (1kW or 3kW output power) and connects to a VGA screen. JRC’s 10.4″ LCD monitor is optional.

Sahara Shoe & Boot Dryer $50 • 800/231-9786 •


Soggy shoes got you singing the blues? This gadget dries footwear-even leather shoes-completely in about three hours (note: it’s not 12v compatible). Prop two pairs of shoes on its two holders, which can be turned on one at a time or together, and the heat system will disperse 105 degree heat from inside out-warming your tootsies like toast.

Vetus’ Nonslip Deck Covering $113 to $217 • 410/712-0740

Vetus’ new nonslip combines rubber, cork, and plastic to create a skidproof surface that endures sun exposure and saltwater and resists oil. Choose from two colors, Happy Elephant gray or Safari tan. Vetus says the nonslip can be fitted to all deck materials. Vetus also offers Vetus Fix ($33 to $134), an adhesive made especially for its nonslip that will bond it to most materials, including PVC, leather, wood, and Formica.


Gorgonz Cold-Weather Gloves $35 to $40 • 877/725-4386

Made from tough, breathable spandex and reinforced with Toughtek, a nonslip gripping material, Gorgonz cold-weather gloves protect hands in harsh conditions. A Thinsulate lining, neoprene cuffs with adjustable closures, and the Exhale Heating System-a porthole that traps your hot breath inside the glove-keep hands toasty.

Sensa-Tank Monitors $200 • 847/718-8082 •


Would you want to touch the gray-and-black sludge in your holding tanks? Neither do your sensors, which is why Sensa-Tank monitors fresh, gray, and black tank levels from outside the tanks’ walls. With no moving parts or contact with liquid, the sensors resist corrosion better than sensor switches stowed inside the tanks. The monitor’s bright-yellow LED lights indicate whether a tank is empty or full, with one-quarter increments for levels in between.

Load Rite’s Step Hull Trailer $3,500, 23′ trailer • 215/949-0500

Finally, a trailer that’s suitable for your stepped-hull boat-Load Rite’s Step Hull Trailer. Its keel rollers pull the boat onto the trailer, and front bunks provide solid support for your stepped hull. There are 14 models available, ranging from an 18′ trailer with a 2,800-pound carrying capacity to a 28′ trailer with a 9,700-pound carrying capacity.


Garelick Gull Wing Boarding Ladder $347 or $389 • 651/459-9795 •

Thanks to bendable parts, this boarding ladder, recently given a NMMA innovation award, stows in a compact space. Fold the steps vertically, and the ladder closes almost flat. Stainless-steel rails support the reinforced-nylon steps, which support 400 pounds. The quick-releasing, breakaway mounting bracket’s built-in hinge angles out the ladder 15 or 30 degrees. Choose either a three- or four-step configuration.

ComNav Marine TS-202 $595 • 604/207-1600 •

This fixed-mount, lever-controlled remote, which operates ComNav’s 1001, 1101, 1201, 2001, and 5001 autopilot systems, lets you control autopilot and navigational settings and deactivate the autopilot. Use the lever to change course, and no follow-up correction is needed to maintain your heading. A light indicates when the remote is in control.

Toma Awning & Windshield System $6,500 • 570/643-7752 •

Installed on a flying bridge or open helm, this windshield/awning protects boaters against sun and spray. The single-pane windshield, which blocks 99 percent of UV rays, slides seamlessly under the awning, which is made of fabric that won’t discolor or shrink. The curved top provides better sun protection than a flat top and eliminates puddles. The Retrofit Windshield ($2,500) can be fitted underneath a preexisting hardtop.

Shockles $49 to $55 • 888/557-6464 •

Stressed out? So are your cleats. Give them relief with Shockles. This cord absorbs the shock from the snapping and jarring of docklines, anchor chains, and towlines. The cord’s cover, made of nylon webbing, resists abuse from abrasive surfaces and water. It comes in three sizes-12″, 18″, and 24″-and a variety of colors.

JBL’s MR-25 MP3/AM/FM/CD Receiver**** $350 • 800/394-1914 •

Are you a tech-obsessed, music-addicted boating enthusiast? If that’s an aye, aye, captain, check out JBL’s 180-watt MR-25 MP3-compatible AM/FM/CD receiver. It has an auxiliary input for satellite radio, a DVD player, or VHF radio as well as controls for a preamp fader and volume, outlets for two preamps, and a detachable control panel with carrying case.

EZT T-top Covers $525 to $1,375 • 502/969-1119 •

Doh! You just put on your boat’s cover and realized you left your wallet onboard. Thanks to a dockside door sewn into the cover, the EZT T-top from Covers Inc. spares you the Homer Simpson moment. Double stitched to prevent leaking and reinforced with heavy vinyl in areas that frequently rub against abrasive surfaces, the covers come in Aqualon, Sunbrella, or Odyssey fabrics, which all adequately resist water, mildew, and abrasion, and a variety of colors.