Prepare Your Pontoon’s Transducer for Next Season

A quick cleaning will ensure that your sonar's transducer is ready for the next boating season.

November 9, 2012

Pontoon Transducer

Keeping the face of your sonar’s sending unit clean will allow you to maintain an unobstructed view below.

After pulling the pontoon out of the water for the off-season don’t forget to scrub the face of your sonar’s transducer before any scum has a chance to dry on the down-facing surface of the sending unit. A quick wipe with a rag will do it if you tackle the task while the transducer’s still wet.

A build-up of scum and algae won’t hurt the plastic face of the sending unit but can affect the sensor’s performance next season. To remove dried-on crud, mild soap and water and a natural bristle brush will do the trick, and although it may take a few minutes more, using the soft touch cleaning approach will eliminate the risk of scoring the surface with harsh chemicals or wire bristles – which can affect your all-important eye into the waters below next season.


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