Si-Tex Sea-Surface Temperature Monitor

Si-Tex answers the call for a dedicated sea-temp monitor with the SST-110.

Ever since fish finders with integral sea-surface temperature readouts became ubiquitous, serious anglers have been clamoring for a large, dedicated sea-temp monitor. Si-Tex answers that call with its SST-110. The large, four-digit LCD display of this 4.3-inch-square waterproof instrument shows temperatures in 0.01-degree increments and features both high- and low-temperature alarms. The monitor can be fitted with either a transom mount or bronze through-hull transducer, either of which contains a thermistor said to be more robust than those integrated into "multi-ducers." The SST-110 will also work with existing 30-ohm temperature senders like those used by the once-so-popular Dytek units. Backlit, it draws less than one amp. $289;