Skin Saver

Dri Grip is fisherman-friendly sunscreen.

The logo right on the bottle of Dri Grip says, "Does not repel fish." Of course, I had to put this to the test. I squeezed a generous amount out of the tube and slathered it onto my arm. Within seconds it had completely dried, leaving no greasy residue or sand-attracting film. To assess the DriGrip claim, I immediately stuck my arm into a circulating baitwell full of live whitebait. I noticed no oily film leeching from my skin into the water, nor did the bait seem bothered when I checked the well 20 minutes later. But the real test is, how does DriGrip hold up over a day of fishing? Because it dries in seconds you can apply the sunscreen and handle your tackle right away; tying knots or baiting hooks or even touching the lenses of your sunglasses without worry. I wore the DriGrip during a full day of fishing in Florida and found it did the job in preventing sunburn or dark coloration on my skin, working just as well as the spray-on 30 SPF lotion I put on my other arm for comparison. Price: $10 for a 2.5 oz tube. Contact: 888/429-7520,