Tactacam POV Cameras for Boating and Watersports

Tactacam's lineup of cameras is well-suited for boating, fishing, and watersports.
Tactacam POV Cameras
Tactacam’s POV cameras come with a variety of features. Courtesy Tactacam

GoPro is the Xerox of POV cameras. It’s ubiquitous, with a name that has become ­generic for POVs and a price tag that has risen as if it’s the only game in town. But it is not. There are many POV brands, such as Sony, DJI and Nikon, to name a few. In our travels, we came across Tactacam, a brand shouldering its way into the action-­cam market through bass fishing tournament anglers and hunting enthusiasts. After looking at Tactacam’s lineup and its economical pricing, we felt it would be a great fit for watersports enthusiasts. Take a look for yourself. 

Watersports: Tactacam Solo Xtreme

  • Pros: Loop recording allows the user to select a loop length and snip that loop out at the touch of a button.
  • Cons: The standard 120-degree lens may be too narrow for some applications, requiring the accessory lens.
  • Price: $199.99; tactacam.com

The Solo Xtreme has an optional ultrawide lens that screws onto the front of the camera. That’s ideal for most POV users, who do close work. We found that the Solo linked to the Tactacam Connect app quickly and with little effort. Once connected, we could choose the shoot modes, from slow motion to 30 or 60 frames per second. The app allowed us to adjust cam settings such as exposure and white balance, format the card, and transfer clips.  

With the standard lens, it will capture wakeboard action up close and personal. Its field of view won’t reach the outside of a cut, but it will capture wake tricks. For ultrawide action, buy the Xtreme wide-lens accessory ($24.99).

Hunting: Tactacam 6.0

  • Pros: Undoubtedly the easiest touchscreen monitor to view and control image capture and camera settings.
  • Cons: While its 1X field of view is ideal for intimate action capture, it can be too narrow for some applications.
  • Price: $299.99; tactacam.com

This is Tactacam’s first POV with a touchscreen interface. It’s positioned on top of the camera, easy to view. Swipe motions reveal settings like Wi-Fi, exposure and zoom—from 1X to 8X. You can start and stop video with the push of a button, check the view on the screen, and run it via a Tactacam remote or the Tactacam Connect app, which lets you view live video, check video, and download to a device.

Designed for hunters when fitted with barrel mounts, the Tactacam 6.0 shot at the standard 1X offers a field of view ideal for capturing wake tricks up close and personal for a more intimate view of the rider and their form. Use any POV mount to fasten it to the wakeboard arch or tow pylon.

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Fishing: Tactacam Fish-i

  • Pros: Waterproof, HD 1080, and easy to touch to record and stop. The included mounting ring offers a multitude of mounting options.
  • Cons: It’s not your Huckle-berry for 4K video, but its lens clarity is excellent.
  • Price: $99.99; tactacam.com

The Fish-i is impressive. Its low-light imagery is excellent, and with Wi-Fi connectivity and the Fish-i smartphone app, it can be run with your mobile device, including image settings and to start and stop recording. It’s also remote-capable with Tactacam’s optional Wi-Fi remote control. It comes with a wide-angle lens with a 120-degree field of view and two optional interchangeable lenses of nearly 180 degrees or a 2X zoom. We like the Fish-i for its underwater capability. It can mount low or be submerged. The included lens is ideal for capturing the whole ride, but the 2X zoom would be cool for catching big tricks. The Fish-i Combo Lens Pack ($19.99) includes an ultrawide angle and a zoom lens.