Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit

Rescue your cell phone after it's been dunked with this kit from Dry-All.

If you’re technologically sophisticated (i.e., pathetic) like I am, you can’t go five minutes without checking your cell phone. And if you spend a lot of time on the water like I do, you’re going to dunk that phone. Conventional wisdom says you should stick your wet phone in uncooked rice, but all that seems to do is waste rice. Instead, keep a Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit from Dry-All on board. It can dry your phone in six hours, whether it was dunked in salt water or beer (it says that right on the label).

Inside the packaging there's a red plastic tub that resembles Tupperware filled with beads. These beads act as drying agents that suck the moisture out of a phone. I dunked an old cell phone and threw it inside for 24 hours, and the apps and Wi-Fi still worked. The kit is reusable should your butterfingers become a recurring problem. $59.99; dry-all.com