X2Power Marine Lithium Battery

Impressive power delivery, charging characteristics, and warranty.
X2Power marine lithium batteries
X2Power lithium marine batteries offer notable performance. Courtesy X2Power

X2Power represents one of the leading brands in marine lithium batteries, and we gave one of its models a season-long test in a G3 V167T aluminum boat, fishing the lakes of central Michigan. It was a 31-series 100-amp-hour, 12-volt deep-cycle battery featuring lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry ($899.99; batteriesplus.com). In this test, we dedicated it to powering a Minn Kota Power­Drive 12-volt trolling motor with Spot-Lock.

We were delighted with several facets, including the light weight of 28.2 pounds (about 50 percent less than a comparable lead-acid battery), power delivery (it ran for two to three days without fading or needing a recharge), the fast-charging characteristics (it charged about four times faster than the old lead-acid battery), and the five-year free-replacement warranty.

We tested the battery in conjunction with the ­X2Power 7.5-amp battery charger ($129.99; batteriesplus.com), which did a great job of quickly bringing the battery to full potency once we set the charge mode to “lithium.” It can charge flooded-cell, gel and AGM lead-acid batteries as well.

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Some X2Power batteries are now Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to monitor state of charge and other functions with the X2Power app. Our test battery did not include the app, but we installed a Victon Energy SmartShunt 500-amp Bluetooth battery monitor ($130.90; amazon.com) to monitor the state of charge.

One caveat: These deep-­cycle batteries are not for use as cranking batteries and should be completely isolated from the engine-cranking circuit. Applications are limited to circuits for equipment such as trolling motors and marine electronics. Visit x2powerbattery.com to learn more.