Glomex Antenna Mount

The Glomex antenna mount makes raising and lowering a VHF antenna a breeze.

Four-way ratchet-style VHF antenna mounts haven’t changed much in the past 40 years, but Glomex seems to have created a better mousetrap with its Glomeasy stainless-steel mount.

Instead of a ratcheting lever, this mount uses spring-loaded cam action. Lift up on the cam arm to loosen and swing the antenna where you want it, and snap the arm down to secure the antenna in the desired position. You can adjust side angle using the bolt at the base of the mount.

An antenna cable can be run up through the base of the mount, or you can lay the cable in the slot in the standard 1-inch thread mount. The latter negates the need to remove factory-installed connectors. The four-bolt footprint matches that on most of the popular antenna mounts, making retrofits an easy proposition ($68.95,