10 Tips For Better Boating

Easy ways to improve your boating skills, now.

To be an awesome boater there’s no substitute for time behind the helm, learning on the water. But there are ways to accelerate the learning curve. Read about these ten topics, then get on your boat and apply them in the real world, and your boating core competencies will increase exponentially. –The Boating Tech Team

RIG YOUR SLIP. Learn the right way to tie off your boat and protect it from winds and tide.

CONTROL LOW SPEED WANDER. Keep your boat on track at slow speeds around marinas and in no-wake zones.


KEEP YOUR BOAT BALANCED. How to load and trim your boat to keep it running right.

SAFELY FUEL YOUR BOAT. Keep the task of pumping gas from becoming dangerous.

USE DOCKING TECHNIQUES. How to use wind and current to your favor around the docks.


NAVIGATE IN SHALLOW WATER. How to run your boat shallow, and how to get unstuck if you run aground.

NAVIGATE AT NIGHT. How to boat safely after dark.

BOAT IN SHIPPING CHANNELS. How to avoid problems in waters with commercial traffic.


MEASURE WAVE HEIGHT. How to judge the sea state offshore.

FREE A FOULED ANCHOR. How to get unstuck when your anchor gets caught on bottom.


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