On Board With: Jim Craig, Olympic Gold Medalist

Q&A with Jim Craig, Olympic hockey hero.

The clutch goalie for the U.S. 1980 Winter Olympics hockey team, Jim Craig ruled the ice en route to an upset gold medal for the underdog Americans. More than 30 years later he can be found more often on H2O in its melted form.

Mention your name and most people think of the ice, but you’re actually a longtime boater.
My father had me in a boat at 4 years old. I grew up on the water in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, every summer and have been boating and fishing and involved in water sports ever since.

Tell me about your current fleet.
I have a 46-foot Cruisers Express that I use in Buzzards Bay. It’s a fun boat, and I get to entertain with a lot of my family and friends. In Florida I have a 25-foot Yamaha jet boat that my son and daughter love. We tool around Tampa Bay listening to music, tubing and island-hopping. I also have two Yamaha WaveRunners that my wife and I enjoy cruising around the local waters, enjoying the scenery and sharing time with the dolphins.


Tell me about what you’re doing now.
My company, Gold Medal Strategies, Inc., is committed to helping individuals and organizations achieve their full potential and is dedicated to coaching, educating, guiding and inspiring individuals and teams to operate at peak performance, build strong and virtuous legacies, and give back to and improve society.

So do you still play hockey?
I still play charity events to raise money with the Boston Bruins Alumni, Charity on Ice in Nantucket, Massachusetts, and Craig Charron tournaments, to name a few … but I don’t play goal.

A lot of people have fond memories of the ’80 Olympics. What’s yours?
When all 20 of us were up on the podium together, singing God Bless America.