Boating Fail: Dancing at the Dock

What’s worse than two left feet? Stepping on your partner’s toes.

September 10, 2014

Docking a boat can be a nerve-racking experience for even the most seasoned captains. Conditions are constantly changing, boat traffic is moving in and out and oftentimes there’s at least one spectator just waiting to put your fail on the Internet. So, what can you do to avoid smashing into your fellow boaters’ prize possessions like our Boating Fail friend?


Well, you could shift to neutral when you hear the first sickening crunch.

Seriously, sharpen your docking skills in less crowded and less visible locations. Like anything else, the more you practice the better you’ll become.


Learn the dynamics of docking a boat. Once you understand why your boat moves the way it does it will be easier to control it in close quarters.

Remain confident in your abilities. Part of the reason you want to improve your skills and expand your knowledge is that it will lead to increased confidence when docking. Being indecisive when the pressure is on will usually produce less than desirable results.

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