Boating Fail: Hitting the Eject Button

Falling out of a moving boat is a harrowing experience.

Being ejected from your boat while it's underway is a scary and life-threatening situation. Falling overboard while docking can produce laughs, but can also lead to serious injuries should the person in the water come between the dock and the boat. Flying out of the boat while traveling at high speeds is even more dangerous because there's less time to react, and the boat will continue on unless you're wearing a kill switch.

In this week's video, Greg's bass boat goes airborne (about 1:20 into the clip) after he hits a wake while traveling at approximately 70 mph. He's ejected and ends up in the water unconscious. Luckily he was wearing a life jacket and a kill switch. Remember, no matter how good of a swimmer you are, it doesn't matter if you're unconscious.