How to Use a Dewatering Pump

Save your boat by learning how to operate a dewatering pump.
Attach the suction hose to the intake side of the pump and flip the two levers to secure the hose.
The pump will have an on-off switch. It may be a rotating switch, like the one shown, or a rocker switch.
Pumps will also have a fuel shut-off valve, such as this lever below the choke.
Close the choke lever, and then open the choke gradually after the pump motor starts to run.
Gently pull to take up any slack. Then give the pull cord a full, long pull: It should start at full rpm.
If the pump starts at idle, look for the throttle lever and advance it to full rpm.
Shove a running water hose into the discharge to prime the pump.
Alternatively, pour water in from a bucket or place your hand over the discharge to get the pump to prime.

If it’s too rough to tie alongside, a Sea Tow or BoatU.S. captain might hand over a high-capacity gas pump.

Check out the video below to see SeaTow Captain Eric Dussault demonstrate how to use a gasoline-powered pump.