On Board With: Capt. Boomies

This boating instructor and influencer is helping boaters improve their seamanship skills.
Capt. Boomies on the boat
Capt. Boomies is making boating more fun and accessible. Courtesy Kristin Rutkowski Photography

If you follow boating content on social media, you’ve probably seen posts by the ebullient Capt. Boomies, offering seamanship advice and commentary to recreational boaters with insight and humor. Off camera, she’s a 200-ton master based in Baltimore, Maryland, and works as a delivery captain and a recreational boating instructor. We caught up with her to find out more.

How long have you been a captain?

For over 15 years. I started teaching sailing about 20 years ago and there was a cute guy—now my husband—on a 103-foot yacht who kept getting in the way of my classes. He and his crew needed someone to help them make a delivery, so they asked me. It turns out I knew what I was doing so I stayed on full time. Now? I just yell on the Internet.

Were you one of the earliest boating influencers?

That can’t be. But I know I’m in a unique position in that I get to be a professional captain and also do things on Facebook and Instagram that make boating fun and accessible. I also give talks at boat shows and yacht clubs and have a podcast. I’ve found that I can get more people to understand what I understand about boats through speaking and social media.

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Do you still teach?

I help people learn how to operate their boats on a private basis. I specialize in helping people transition to bigger boats.

Do you still boat just for fun?

I recently purchased an old Bayliner and gave her a sparkling paint job and redid the engine. It’s so easy to splash and get wet when I want to get out and boat around the Chesapeake.