Tips for Storing a Boat Ashore

How to properly store your boat on land.

ABYC states certain rules for proper storage of boats on land, whether on blocks, a cradle, boat stands or a trailer.

1. Drain
Boats should be level athwartships and trimmed up by the bow enough to allow cockpit and deck to drain to prevent standing water.

2. Shock Not
If electrical service is provided to the boat while stored ashore, it must be sourced from a ground fault circuit interrupting (GFCI) receptacle.


3. Never Do
ABYC recommends never tying boat covers to boat stands, lest strong winds pull the stand out from under.

4. Batten Down
Secure canvas, Bimini tops, dinghies and other miscellaneous gear as rigorously as you would for a boat in the water.