LED Illuminated Dock Bumper by Jelux

December 31, 2015

Introducing the LED Illuminated Dock Bumper from Jellux Advanced Marine and Outdoor Lighting. The bumper itself is a specially formulated opaque plastic that has all of the same characteristics of current dock bumpers, UV resistant, gas/chemical resistant, salt water resistant and strong enough to protect your assets!


The LEDS can be controlled either by an app on your smart phone/tablet using our self contained WIFI system with a range over 300′ off shore or by a RF remote. The LEDs are RGB and IP68 rated allowing our customers to pick from over a million different colors.

The reason for developing this product is to make it safer and easier to dock your boat at night.


Starting at $31.00 per foot Contact Jellux

Jellux LED Dock Bumper_2
Jellux LED Dock Bumper_3
Jellux LED Dock Bumper_4
Jellux LED Dock Bumper_5

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