New Livorsi Tab Switches and Position Indicators

Livorsi offers new tab switches and LED indicators.
New Livorsi Tab Switches
New Livorsi Tab Switches Livorsi Marine

New trim-tab switch panels from [Livorsi]( Tab Accessories.pdf “Livorsi”) are anodized and powder-coated aluminum to prevent corrosion, and are available in 12 colors. Panels are offered to hold one, two, three or four switches and can be ordered with custom labeling for jack plates, tabs and drives. The panels are designed to accept Carling rocker switches (also available through Livorsi) rated at 20 amps/12VDC. The switches are offered in white or black, with or without indicator lights, and in several different functions.

New Livorsi LED Position Indicators
New Livorsi LED Position Indicators Livorsi Marine

New Livorsi LED Position Indicators eliminate the need for mechanical 33C cables, which are typically used for drive and tab indication and allow plug-and-play connectivity into existing tab or drive position sensors. LED Position Indicators are capable of reading CAN Bus protocols such as NMEA 2000 as well as zero-to-5 volt or resistive-type (ohms) inputs. The technology can be applied to various applications such as trim tabs, drives and jack plates, and rudder indication, water level or fuel level. The super-bright LEDs can be seen in direct sunlight, even with polarized sunglasses. An ambient-light sensor provides automatic adjustment of the LED brightness according to available light conditions. Panels are offered with one to two slots or three to four slots.