New Non-Metalic SmartPlug Shorepower Inlet

Continuing to improve the reliability and safety of its shore power products, SmartPlug Systems introduces a Non-Metallic Inlet with a new mounting flange and streamlined cover design. It is offered in 30A/125V and 50A/125/250V models for the US market. The inlet is also available in 16A/230V and 32A/230V for Europe.

SmartPlug Non-Metalic Inlet
Courtesy SmartPlug

This new product features all of the same high-quality electrical components as the award-winning stainless steel version. Easy-to-use, its double-side locking clips and sleeved inlet design provide a rock-solid connection. A power indicator lens lets users know when the cordset is providing power. Owners can also upgrade to a Safety Thermostat option, which shuts off power if the inlet becomes overheated. It automatically turns back on once the temperature has cooled down to a safe level.

The non-metallic inlet is available in black, gray and white. It is compatible with the company's other products.

The revolutionary SmartPlug system is designed to replace the traditional and problematic twist-type inlets and connectors. It provides greater protection against loose attachments and corrosion, the leading causes of shore power failure and fires.

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