Power 4X Wake Shaper


Turn your Boat into a Surf Machine! Create awesome wakes on more brands & models of boats. The only Wake Shaper with a tool-free, reversible Fin that enables 1 device to create 4 different wake surf set-ups. Even amps-up boats with built-in surf system. Compact “glove box” storage in its tote! Multi-Colors.

Tidal Wake Power 4X Wake Shaper
Power 4X Wake Shaper Tidal Wake


  • Fin easily removes from the Wake Shaper body and fits flat in its compact Tote. Only 8 x 14 x 4.75 inches, fits in Glove Boxes or other small places.

  • Fin and/or body Reverse to make 4 different surf wake set-ups, making “The Best Wakes” on more Brands and models of Boats. 

  • Engineered Ultra-strong, non-marking Suction Cups keep wake shaper in place, but no worries, it Floats and won’t get lost if it gets dropped in the water!


  • Model GENR8

Manufacturer: Tidal Wake
MSRP: $289.00
Website: Tidal Wake